10x Your Crypto Portfolio: Top Analyst Highlights 4 Altcoins To Buy

In a new video titled “If I Had To 10X My Money, I’d Only Hold These 4 Altcoins!” aimed at shedding light on potential bull market leaders, renowned crypto analyst Miles Deutscher dissected the crypto landscape to pinpoint four altcoins that he believes could significantly outperform the market. His insights came in response to a query from his Discord channel about potential 5x to 10x gains during the current bull market.

Deutscher believes that success in the crypto markets doesn’t necessarily come from holding a vast array of coins but rather from carefully selecting a few that have strong potential narratives. He articulated this during his presentation, stating, “You don’t need to own 30, 40, 50, 60 altcoins in order to get your desired returns. In fact, if you select the right coins and pick the right narratives, you could potentially succeed in this market with three, four, or five altcoins.”

He also provided strategic insights into the typical market behaviors during the summer, a period he describes as a regular seasonal downturn across the crypto industry. He used historical data to support his claim, emphasizing that even during bullish years, cryptocurrencies have suffered during the summer months.

Deutscher reassured his viewers by saying, “Even in the most bullish years for crypto, like 2021, majors were looking really bad during summer months […] so why would you now start to panic?”

Deutscher’s Top 4 Altcoin Picks

Deutscher chose coins based on their potential for significant returns and their strategic position within the market:

#1 Ethereum: ETH holds the premier position in Miles Deutscher’s selection due to its established role as the leading smart contract platform in the crypto sphere. Ethereum’s upcoming catalysts, particularly the anticipated approval of US spot Ethereum ETFs, are seen as significant potential value drivers.

Deutscher underscores its importance by stating, “Ethereum sits at a $428 billion fully diluted valuation versus Bitcoin which sits at $1.2 trillion. I think Ethereum is at a reasonable market cap now.”

He doesn’t predict a 10x return from Ethereum in this cycle, but he values its potential for steady growth, making it a cornerstone in a well-diversified crypto portfolio. Deutscher further supports his choice by noting the technical aspects: “Ethereum has been in a strong uptrend all the way since $1,500,” indicating its resilience and bullish trends.

#2 Pepe: PEPE, a meme coin with a strong cultural footprint, is Deutscher’s second pick. He believes Pepe could perform exceptionally well in a favorable market environment, driven by its strong mindshare and position as a leading meme coin alongside giants like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Deutscher explains, “Pepe is not only the strongest proxy to trade Ethereum’s risk-on proxy that is, but it’s also one of the meme coins in the market with the strongest mind share behind DOGE and SHIB.”

#3 Solana: SOL is chosen for its technological prowess and its significant adoption among developers and users in the crypto community. Deutscher views Solana as a potent mix of innovation and market potential, saying, “Solana has been the home of meme coins, it’s been the home of degeneracy. It’s made strides in terms of its technology adoption, lots of devs building on Solana.”

He acknowledges the high valuation of Solana but suggests it offers a favorable risk-reward balance, predicting that “SOL could potentially go to $1,000 in a really crazy market.” Solana’s potential to scale and its strong community engagement positions it as a robust candidate for substantial mid-term gains.

#4 WIF: Dogwifhat complements Solana in Deutscher’s portfolio, serving as the meme coin counterpart to Solana’s technological base. WIF, according to Deutscher, balances the conservatism of more established coins like Ethereum and Solana with a higher risk and potentially higher return profile.

He believes WIF is a key player in the meme coin sector and a strategic pick for those looking to capitalize on volatile market segments. He remarks on its performance and strategic positioning, “WIF has been a major sell-off; it’s actually trading below a major range low […] But if you believe in WIF like I do as a cycle long meme coin bet and a Solana play, you could just average in the lower it goes.”

Crypto Investment Strategy And Practical Advice

Deutscher’s overarching strategy blends conservative, foundational investments with higher-risk, potentially high-reward opportunities. He advocates for a portfolio construction that involves a strategic division between core holdings (80%-90%) and speculative bets (10%-20%). This approach, he argues, allows investors to capitalize on the upside while managing risk effectively.

Reflecting on the importance of market timing and portfolio positioning, Deutscher advised his audience, “It’s about accumulating on major dips […] and it doesn’t really matter what happens in the interim.” He emphasizes long-term gains over short-term fluctuations, advising investors to stay the course through market ups and downs.

At press time, ETH traded at $3,372.

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