Battle Of Networks? Algorand Pokes Fun At Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Solana In New Ad

Algorand Foundation’s new ad criticized Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana for their efficiency. The ad received mixed reactions from the crypto community and sparked a conversation about the art of advertising crypto products.

Algorand, The Only One “Delivering”

Algorand’s latest ad has sparked controversy for “dissing” three networks. Titled “When Blockchain Meets The Real World, Only One Can Deliver,” the ad features a classic grocery store checkout line format.

The video shows three customers trying to pay for groceries with crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. During the ad, the three shoppers have problems with their respective transactions, seemingly suggesting that the rival networks are unsuitable for everyday use.

The customer using Bitcoin had to wait 27 minutes for the transaction to be completed; the one paying with Ethereum was told the transaction fees were $112, and the Solana payer had his transactions repeatedly failing. All three issues in the ad are common criticisms that the three targeted networks receive.

The commercial then shows the next checkout line, with buyers using Algorand as a payment method. As this line moves quickly, the video displays text stating “Instant Finality. Low Fees. Designed for the speed of life.”

The ad finished with the cashier saying, “Should have shopped with Algorand,” and Anthony Scaramucci, investment guru and founder of SkyBridge, asking how to get in the fast-moving line.

The Crypto Ads Conundrum

The video received mixed reviews from the crypto community. Many applauded the ad, stating that Algorand is the future of Layer-1 and payments. One X user said:

I can’t stress enough how much the Algorand Foundation does compared to others. All the meetings, tweets, events, etc…this isn’t happening on other chains!

However, the negative responses didn’t take long to follow. Several community members considered the jab at other chains an unnecessary and “embarrassing” attack. A user jokingly claimed that Algorand achieved an “impossible goal” with the ad: “uniting all the factions of crypto to dunk on you.”

Crypto commentator Zach Rynes considers that this type of marketing doesn’t make sense as he is unsure who it appeals to. In an X post, Rynes explained that the ad would leave the wrong impression on non-crypto people.

To him, the video will make the public think that “crypto sucks,” not knowing that the ad is for crypto. The commentator believes it’s a “lose-lose either way” since “Crypto-native people will see this as unnecessarily combative.”

Similarly, Mert, CEO of Helius Labs, brought up a point repeated by several community members. Mert criticized Algorand for spending money on an ad when its “top two explorers [are] going out of business due to no funding.”

Moreover, he seems to consider the jab at other networks ironic when Algorand’s got its “entire economic security flipped by two dog coins on Solana (WIF + BONK).”

Cardano Joins The Advertisement Conversation

Despite the criticism, the discussion also sparked interest in the ADA community. X account ADA Whale praised the commercial for being funny.

Another community member tagged Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson in the video, suggesting he should start looking for a marketing team to promote Cardano. The user cited the US government’s U-turn, possibly bringing regulatory clarity, as a decisive factor.

This is not the first time Cardano has received criticism over its marketing approach. In March, the conversation sparked when the “Cardano Girls” video became viral.

Content creator Lily Brodi suggested that despite having the technology aspect figured out, Cardano has an “unattractiveness problem.” This problem prevents a broader audience from entering its community and adopting the technology.

Ultimately, crypto ads remain a hot topic and a useful tool for the industry. Whether users find them “cringy” or “unnecessary” sometimes, they have the potential to help with broader adoption through educational and entertaining crypto-related content.

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