Bitcoin Propped For Major Breakout By September, Analyst Explains Why

Following the Bitcoin halving in April, analysts and investors remain on the edge of their seats in anticipation of a major price breakout by the maiden cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin did rise to $71,443 in the past week, the token soon suffered a retracement falling as low as $66,936.  Interestingly, renowned analyst with X handle Rekt Capital has provided an interesting insight into this recent price movement and also predicted the period BTC may finally embark on a highly-anticipated bullish run. 

Bitcoin To Consolidate For A Long Time – Analyst

In a series of“post-halving danger zone”, a period during which the token lost about 11% of its value. Following this phase, the most-priced cryptocurrency attempted a breakout which encountered a rejection at the range high zone ($71,500) of the macro re-accumulation range.

For context, this range represents a long-term consolidation phase where Bitcoin accumulates value before potentially breaking out to new highs. Rekt Capital states that Bitcoin being rejected at the $71,500 price region is quite expected as BTC never breaks through the high side of the re-accumulation range on the first attempt after halving. 

Based on historical price data, Rekt Capital anticipates Bitcoin will now remain in consolidation for multiple weeks until 160 days after halving before finally experiencing its major price breakout in September. During this time, the premier cryptocurrency is expected to trade between $60,000 and $70,000 which will result in variations in the portfolio valuation for long-term investors. 

However, this price consolidation can also present opportunities for these investors to buy Bitcoin near the lower boundary of the range thus consistently accumulating at relatively stable prices. Meanwhile, short-term traders such as swing traders or day traders are likely to capitalize on these expected price fluctuations between an established support and resistance which could result in significant profit.

BTC Price Overview 

Bitcoin is currently trading at $68,720, marking a 2.27% gain in the last day, a 2.31% gain over the past week, and a 6.90% increase in the last month. Despite these gains, its daily trading volume has dropped by 45.68%, now valued at $24 billion. BTC is also 6.94% below its all-time high of $73,750. The recent price rise amid declining trading volume suggests cautious investor sentiment, with Bitcoin consolidating within a narrow range as the crypto market leader once again approaches significant resistance levels.


Featured image from The Economic Times, chart from Tradingview

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