Crypto Trader Predicts Next 100x Opportunity After 170x And 520x Wins

One of the crypto community’s most notable traders at the moment, Ansem (@blknoiz06), has recently ignited interest with his latest prediction, claiming another potential 100x opportunity. This time, his focus is on a new development on the Bitcoin network, which he believes is currently undervalued by the market.

Ansem stated via X:

Next 100x opp is runes on Bitcoin, 95% of CT is not paying attention to this at all compare volumes on Solana memecoins to current unisat volume & consider the wealth effect if Bitcoiners have their own native altcoins to buy provenance will b v imp here also imo.

An In-depth Analysis Of Ansem’s Successes

Lookonchain, a reputable on-chain analysis firm, provided an exhaustive look at Ansem’s latest trading history and strategy. Their analysis reveals a pattern of early investments in nascent cryptocurrencies that later became highly lucrative.

On January 1, 2021, Ansem invested in Solana when it was priced at just $1.5. By November of the same year, the value of Solana had skyrocketed to $260, a return that significantly outpaced market expectations, netting a gain of over 170x.

Ansem’s acute sense of market potential was again on display with his investments in WIF and BONK. His tweet on December 12, 2023, suggesting that WIF had potential similar to SHIB (Shiba Inu), preceded a massive surge in WIF’s value from $0.09 to $4.85.

Similarly, his endorsement of BONK led to an impressive 80x increase in its price. “On October 30, 2023, Ansem tweeted ‘bonk great coin’, and then BONK skyrocketed! 4 months later, BONK exceeded $0.000047,” the firm stated.

Lookonchain further highlighted, “Ansem combines a strategic allocation of 70% in long-term holdings with 30% dedicated to short-term, speculative trades. This balanced approach helps mitigate risk while capitalizing on high-return opportunities. His success is a testament to his deep market insights, disciplined investment strategy, and timely execution.”

How To Follow The Crypto Traders’ Prediction

In response, prominent crypto analyst Cyclop (@nobrainflip), who boasts 346,000 followers, analyzed Ansem’s current prediction. He explained that the hype revolves around a newly developed protocol named Runes, created by the inventor of Ordinals, Rodarmor. Runes allows for the issuance of fungible tokens directly on the Bitcoin network, operating as a more integrated alternative to the BRC-20 protocol.

Unlike BRC-20, which follows an account model akin to Ethereum’s, Runes utilizes Bitcoin’s UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) model, potentially offering a more seamless integration with Bitcoin’s existing infrastructure.

Notably, Runes are not just an alternative; they aim to replace the BRC-20 entirely. The protocol charges fees in BTC for creating tokens and is set to launch on Bitcoin’s halving day, April 19. The development of the Runes ecosystem is gaining traction, with various projects, tools, and platforms beginning to emerge.

With the anticipated launch of Runes scheduled for Bitcoin’s next halving day on April 19, the ecosystem around this new protocol is quickly developing. A variety of projects are already preparing to utilize Runes, with tools, launchpads, and other resources being actively developed.

The most notable, according to cyclop, are:

  • Runecoin (RSIC): This project allows users to mine tokens in anticipation of the Runes launch. It has already distributed a 21,000 RSIC miner airdrop to over 9,000 wallets that hold Ordinal collections.
  • Runes Terminal (RUNI): Aimed at developers, this platform is creating a test environment for Bitcoin applications that will utilize the Runes Protocol, facilitating innovation and simplification in the transition to new applications on the Bitcoin network.
  • Pups Token (PUPS): With a pre-mint supply of 10 million tokens, this project plans an airdrop for holders of Rune Pup ordinals, who can also participate in token-burning events to reduce supply and potentially increase value.

The crypto analyst also advised that the hype around Runes is just starting. The “Ordinals community has spurred numerous projects to offer Runes airdrops. Thanks to Magic Eden, a new tab now conveniently lists all collections confirmed to distribute Runes to holders in one place.”

At press time, PUPS traded at $48.96, down 68% from its all-time high.

PUPS price

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