Dogecoin Forms Symmetrical Triangle, Rally On The Horizon?

Amidst a significant surge displayed by Dogecoin (DOGE) recently, popular crypto analyst Crypto Daily Trade Signals has attention and interest from investors lately, may be preparing to build on its current momentum and make more gains.

Significance Of Dogecoin Symmetrical Triangle Pattern

A symmetrical triangle chart pattern is a consolidation phase that precedes a forced breakout or decline in price. A new bearish trend begins with a breakdown from the lower trend line, while a new bullish trend begins with a breakout from the upper trend line.

According to the analyst, the symmetrical triangle pattern presents a major obstacle for DOGE at the $0.1545 price level. At the same time, the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) continues to provide support at the $0.1513 level.

Even though the current market price is above the 50 EMA and suggests a bullish bias, Crypto Daily Trade Signals noted that Dogecoin has to surpass the resistance level of $0.1595 in order to confirm that the upward trend is continuing. 


This perspective is further strengthened by the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which is currently above the 50 EMA and supports a purchasing trend.

The post read:

Dogecoin has formed a symmetrical triangle pattern, presenting a significant hurdle around the $0.1545 mark. Simultaneously, support persists around the $0.1513 level, reinforced by the 50-day EMA.

The expert highlighted that DOGE is at a pivotal point around $0.15100 on the 4-hour chart, indicating a bullish momentum, and an immediate resistance at the $0.15950 mark. The first obstacle to be cleared is the immediate resistance at $0.15950, which is followed by the $0.16980 and $0.18440 levels.

Although caution is advised if DOGE drops below the pivot point, the RSI’s current position indicates an opportunity for more profits. Thus far, the upward trend is supported by a firm base provided by the 50-day EMA around $0.15130.

Meanwhile, on the negative side, $0.14270 provides immediate support, while $0.13240 and $0.12030 provide additional levels of support, with the RSI at 53, which denotes neutral conditions.

Is $12 DOGE Possible?

Crypto analyst Javin Marks has also DOGE has maintained its broken status once more.

These runs have become bigger one after the other, and the last run recorded over 20,000% upsurge. Given the nature of the runs, Javon Marks anticipates the recent run, which might be in its early stage now, to be bigger than the last one.

As a result, the expert experts DOGE to reach $12 or even higher following the run. Also, Marks noted that after the run has concluded, DOGE could see another massive rise of over 7,500%.


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