Donald Trump Could Be Bitcoin’s Biggest Price Booster: Experts

Former President Donald Trump recently voiced strong support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, notably diverging from his previously skeptical stance. This significant pivot, prominently featured in a recent video circulating among crypto enthusiasts and investors, has spurred speculation about the potential implications for Bitcoin and other digital currencies as the US election approaches this November.

How Trump Could Boost Bitcoin Price

The comments made by Trump were discussed by analyst MacroScope on X. The analyst emphasized the importance of Trump’s statements: “By now, you’ve probably seen the video of Trump‘s strident and arguably stunning pro-crypto comments.” MacroScope suggested that the implications of Trump’s newfound support could be profound, particularly because a positive shift in policy from Washington, D.C., regarding cryptocurrencies has not been factored into current market prices.

MacroScope further advised, “In terms of potential price impact on BTC, this should be watched very, very closely in coming months.” The statement reflects a broader sentiment within the financial community that political endorsements can lead to market movements, particularly when they suggest a shift in regulatory approaches. The analyst drew parallels to the market’s underestimation of the impact of the spot Bitcoin ETFs, indicating that a similar scenario might unfold if Trump’s supportive comments translate into formal policy changes.

Meanwhile, the credibility of Trump’s promises is a critical factor in assessing the potential outcomes of his pro-crypto statements. While Trump is known for making ambitious promises to rally support, MacroScope noted, “Yes, he will promise anything in front of a crowd to get applause. But from various insider accounts, we also know that once he makes a high-profile promise, he’s acutely aware of the attention and approval it got, and he feels obligated to at least show the appearance of following through in terms of policy.”

This behavioral pattern suggests that Trump may continue to champion pro-Bitcoin and crypto policies, at least in appearance, to maintain the favor he has garnered from these statements. Moreover, the political discourse surrounding cryptocurrencies is intertwined with speculations about future leadership at the Federal Reserve. Former Fed Governor Kevin Warsh, who is viewed as a potential successor to Jerome Powell, has previously expressed a nuanced understanding of Bitcoin’s value, particularly in light of a weakening dollar.

In a statement made in 2021, Warsh remarked, “It does make some sense to me,” referring to Bitcoin’s resilience during times of dollar depreciation. The potential appointment of Warsh could herald a more favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies, aligning with Trump’s pro-crypto rhetoric.

Analyzing Trump’s BTC Stance: Julian Fahrer’s Insights

Julian Fahrer, co-founder and CEO of Apollo, also recently offered a nuanced analysis of Donald Trump’s relationship with Bitcoin and crypto, spanning from his presidency to his post-presidential activities. Fahrer’s perspective is crucial in dissecting Trump’s public statements against his administrative actions.

During his presidency, Trump openly criticized Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, notably after Meta’s attempt to launch the Libra stablecoin in 2019. Trump famously stated, “I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity.”

Despite these comments, Trump’s appointments suggest a more complex position towards crypto. He appointed Hester ‘Crypto Mom’ Pierce to the SEC, known for her dissenting opinions in favor of Bitcoin and crypto, and Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, who viewed cryptocurrencies as a national security threat.

This dichotomy shows that Trump’s administration maintained a somewhat ambiguous stance on crypto regulation, characterized by tightened KYC/AML rules by the Financial Action Task Force, alongside the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s approval of crypto futures products.

Post-presidency, Trump’s attitude appears to have shifted significantly. His venture into Trump Digital Trading Cards and disclosure of owning $2.8 million in ETH in 2023 signal a newfound embrace of digital assets. This change could be attributed to strategic shifts or financial incentives.

Furthermore, Trump’s recent interactions, including bringing pro-Bitcoin Vivek Ramaswamy into his circle and positive comments on Fox about Bitcoin, indicate a potential pivot towards a more crypto-friendly posture if he were to secure a second term. Fahrer aptly notes, “The bigger an enemy of Bitcoin and crypto the Democrats seem to be, the more Trump appears to be embracing it.”

This analysis underscores the fluidity between Trump’s rhetoric and his policy actions regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with Fahrer concluding that Trump’s evolving stance could lead to a ‘full on Degen Don’ as the November election approaches.

Notably, investment giant VanEck predicted at the beginning of the year that a Trump victory will propel the Bitcoin price to a new all-time high on November 9th and potentially reach $100,000 by December.

At press time, BTC traded at $63,024.

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