Gala Games Announces Partnership With Animoca Brands, GALA Token Plunges 6.7%

Web3 and blockchain gaming firm Gala Games partnered with Animoca Brands to boost its native token. The companies joined forces to develop the altcoin and enhance users’ experience. Nonetheless, GALA has faced a 6.7% price decline following the news.

Gala Games To Boost User Experience

On Wednesday, Gala Games announced its partnership with Hong Kong-based game software and Venture Capital company. The collaboration aims to enhance the token experience for users.

The Web3 and blockchain gaming platform focuses on video games compatible with blockchain technology. Additionally, it allows players to earn crypto tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through gameplay.

Per the announcement, the companies will work together to develop the token. Animoca Brands will receive GALA tokens from the firm’s treasury to “provide liquidity provisioning services” to the Web3 gaming platform. This move aims to facilitate the token’s orderly trading.

As highlighted in the X post, Animoca Brands operates nine Gala Founder’s Nodes and plans to serve as a GalaChain Validator.

Many users and crypto investors received the news well. Some users considered the news was bullish for the token. Others stated that the company is finally “making some noise.”

The announcement also sparked interest in the gaming and NFT community. LordBenalez, COO of community-driven NFT project Mittaria, expressed interest in the collaboration. “About time. Glad to see the two big companies joining hands. Looking forward to hearing more about the collaboration,” read the reply.

GALA’s Price Sees 7% Retrace

Despite the overall positive reaction, GALA’s price plunged after the news. The token fell from the $0.0275 price range to the $0.0255 mark, a 7.2% price drop. The recent price action represents a 6.7% retrace in the last 24 hours.

The token’s performance also shows red numbers in the longer timeframes. GALA’s price has been downtrend since its March high of $0.081. Following the retrace at the beginning of Q2, the token hovered between the $0.04 and $0.5 range.

However, the sideways movement was halted by the late May security breach to which the company fell victim. As reported by NewsBTC, the web3 gaming company suffered an exploit, which resulted in the minting of 5 billion tokens worth $219 million.

The incident saw the unauthorized sale of 600 million GALA tokens, worth around $21 million. Additionally, 4.4 billion tokens were burned. This resulted in the price falling from $0.046 to $0.037, a 20% decline following the exploit.

Since then, the token has continued the downtrend, registering a 43.5% decrease in the past month. Some market watchers suggest that the token might be getting ready to bounce off the lower trendline and break out of the $0.035 resistance zone before soaring to the $0.1 price target.


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