Is BRETT The New Meme Coin King? Token Surges 300% And Nears $2 Billion Market Cap

As the overall sentiment in the crypto market veers towards bullishness, leading cryptos have regained their previously lost levels and ignited further interest in meme coins. Brett (BRETT) has emerged as the standout performer, experiencing a 400% gain in the past 30 days alone. 

Having launched just three months ago, BRETT now boasts a market cap of $1.7 billion, positioning itself as the top gainer in the top 100 spot of the market.

The Largest Meme Coin On The Base Network

BRETT is a meme coin built on the Base network, with its mascot inspired by a character in Matt Furie’s Boys’ Club comic. Since its launch in February 2024, BRETT has become the largest meme coin on the Base network in terms of market cap, earning the title of “PEPE’s best friend on BASE.”

Notably, BRETT stands out due to its renounced contract and absence of a minting function, which places the token’s trajectory fully in the hands of its community. The creator of BRETT cannot generate additional tokens or manipulate the contract, relying instead on the vibrant and dedicated community to drive its development.

With a fixed total supply of 10 billion tokens, BRETT’s scarcity and potential future value are influenced by the limited creation of new tokens. The coin follows a fair launch model, ensuring equal opportunities for all participants. 

BRETT does not impose transaction taxes, which can incentivize trading activity but may impact long-term value.

Regarding distribution, 85% of the tokens are allocated to the Liquidity Provider (locked), 10% to the Treasury, and 5% to the Centralized exchange wallet.

BRETT Surges 21,000% From All-Time Low

As of now, BRETT is trading at $0.1794. It maintains its position as the top meme coin on the BASE network while also being the market’s best performer, experiencing a 33% surge in the last 24 hours. 

CoinGecko data reveals a staggering 21,000% increase from its all-time low, highlighting the immense surge in interest the token has garnered in recent months.

Furthermore, BRETT’s trading volume has increased significantly, rising by 62% in the past few days to reach $219 million. Notably, BRETT is the first meme coin on the Base network to surpass a $1 billion market cap.

While BRETT’s current uptrend is notable, it remains to be seen whether the token can sustain its momentum and climb to higher positions in the market. If so, it could potentially surpass other meme coins like Bonk Inu (BONK) in terms of market cap, with the difference between the two being a mere $200 million.

At its all-time high (ATH), BRETT reached $0.1887, which might serve as a near-term resistance level for the token, as it has struggled to surpass this mark in the past two days. 


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